GLOS logo, private hunting property leased for your use.
Michigan Archery buck taken on GLOS lease.
Are you looking to improve your hunting experience in MI? Tired of spending more hours getting permission to hunt than scouting? Tired of spending hours scouting a spot and setting up, only to get flooded by a sea of orange on opening day? Tired of looking for a lease you can afford? Tired of spending hours in stop and go traffic to get in a weekend of hunting? If so, we have an opportunity for you.

Great Lakes Outdoor Sports is a Michigan based hunting club. We lease property, then make it available to our members for their use. We handle all the contact with the landowners, post the property, and control the access, allowing you to spend your time scouting and hunting. You schedule the time and property you wish to hunt by using our web based reservation system. Similar to booking a hotel, you log into our system, provide information on when, where, and what type of hunting you wish to do, and our system gives you a list of available properties. Already know what property you want to hunt, then simply check the available dates and lock it in. Maps with GPS coordinants are provided with the system. Reservations can be made months in advance, or the same day you plan to hunt.

Finding a Michigan deer hunting lease can be time consuming and expensive. It, also, locks you into a specific location that may or may not be good year in and year out. As land use and ownership change, so does its productivity in regards to hunting. If you are locked into one parcel and a change in the surrounding area deters deer or other game movement, your season could be over before it starts. With Great Lakes Outdoor Sports, we constantly evaluate our property and bring in more property as membership and need arises. Our management won't lease property we wouldn't hunt, and we hunt and scout the property we lease to be sure of its quality.

Even if you find a hunting lease in Michigan, cost may be prohibitive to the point where you need to find a partner to share the cost. With a partner, you need to agree on how the land will be used, when each can use it, where each partner will hunt on a given day, and how to collect the money to pay the lease. All of this can eat up precious time that could be spent hunting. We, at Great Lakes Outdoor Sports have taken over 50 yrs of experience organizing hunts, leasing, and experience in hunt clubs to provide an option that greatly simplifies finding a place to hunt, and opens up quality property for your use. If you are a loner, you will be able to schedule hunts with no one else to interfere. If you prefer a more social experience with like minded hunters, we have opportunity to join other members on hunts, and can even help coordinate a camp style experience. For the cost of a typical 50-80 acre deer hunting lease in Michigan, you can access nearly 1,600 acres. As membership grows, so will the available land, and the states available to hunt

Whether you are looking for the trophy of a lifetime, or just meat in the freezer, we have property to suit your needs. Antlerless permits are over the counter and nearly unlimited on most of our leased property. Our property has a proven track record of "Book" bucks. The one pictured above scored 170 6/8 and was taken in 2008 on one of our leased properties. That year the property produced 9 bucks 120" or bigger. Members are encouraged to pass the smaller bucks, and some farms have minimum antler size restrictions, others are open to what the member prefers.

Looking to teach your children to hunt? Great Lakes Outdoor Sports provides a membership that includes usage by spouse and dependents at no additional cost. Kids grown up, or your best buddy hunts with you? There are limited free guest privileges, and an unlimited option for a fee. Most of our leases, also, include the opportunity to hunt small game, waterfowl, and upland birds. While deer hunting is the main activity on our property, there is opportunity to take a break from the whitetail and pursue other game during the season.